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Clean slate … my pick of the best quick and easy make-up removers

Party season is fast approaching and I know it can be all too tempting to sleep in your make-up. Luckily I’ve found the make-up removers that are high in efficacy but low in effort. Sacrificing your skin for sleep just became a thing of the past…

Cleopatra did it with oils and lime juice, Marilyn Monroe used Ponds Cold Cream, while Marlene Dietrich had a penchant for
 the Erno Laszlo Cleansing Bar
– these beauty icons understood the importance of make-up removal. So how do you remove yours? Old-school soap and water, the quick and easy cleansing wipe, or an arsenal of products to dissolve your ‘face’?

Maybe you do nothing at all. Mintel reports 47% of us skip this bedtime ritual, leaving us not only with unclean skin but 
a slew of negative knock-on effects. “Sleeping with your make-up on can wreak havoc,” says aesthetic doctor Maryam Zamani. “While we sleep, our skin works to renew itself and recover from the accumulation of damaging free radicals caused by pollution. If your skin is covered in make-up, dirt, bacteria, dead skin and a build-up of oil, you are going to upset the balance of this system and can expect enlarged pores, acne, irritation and an uneven skintone.”


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