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Ultherapy: The Magic Wand of Anti-Ageing

Many of us too young for the scalpel are looking for an alternative treatment to reduce the signs of aging. A few months ago, I discovered Ultherapy, a revolutionary non-invasive beauty treatment. Ultherapy is the only alternative to the facial tuck that has been FDA approved to lift and tighten facial skin. The procedure requires no anesthesia, and takes 60-90 minutes to treat the face and neck, while approximately 20-30 minutes to treat the décolletage. Though results are gradual, and optimal results come in about 4-6 months, patients can see improvement after just one treatment.

Some of the first areas to show the signs of age are the jawline and neck. Ulthera uses the ultrasound’s heat energy to stimulate collagen production and activate the muscles of the cheek, neck, and forehead. Dr. Maryam Zamani is a renowned oculoplastic surgeon in London and the creator of MZ Skin, a medical grade skincare brand. She noticed that Ultherapy was one of the procedures most popular with her London-based jet set crowd:

“They want their natural exterior to match their active, healthy lifestyles. With more advanced skincare products and devices out there today, my patients are more informed to make better decisions about how to live well, look well, and feel well.”


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