Dr Maryam Zamani as featured in Expat Make Up Addict

Botox, fillers and skin tag removal with Dr Maryam Zamani

I had a small amount of botox between my eyebrows, fillers under my eyes and three skin tags removed from my eye area.  I had all the treatments done with Dr Maryam Zamani at the Cadogan Clinic in Sloane Street.

Dr Zamani is an incredible Oculoplastic Surgeon and who specialises not only surgery for all types of cosmetic eye concerns but also in facial aesthetics-quite simply she helps men and women to look their best by making small meticulous tweaks.

Why I had the treatments:

There’s a variety of reasons if I’m honest.  The skin tag on my lash line was actually my main concern over everything bizarrely.  It was a skin tag that was ‘live’ and growing and in such an awkward position.  I was so utterly self conscious of it that I would never be seen without liner and mascara.  It genuinely made me feel ugly.  I had researched and researched getting it removed but really struggled to find information online about having one in that position removed.  I was also so fearful because it was so close to my eye.


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