Dr Maryam Zamani as featured in Grazia

The Big Beauty Shake-Up

Do Drink Beautiful

You used to… Drink green tea to feel mighty fine. Now.. ‘I drink freshly squeezed lemon, mandarin and orange juice mixed with ice-cold water,’ says top aesthetic doctor, Dr Maryam Zamani. ‘It helps to detoxify and hydrate, and vitamin C is also vital for collagen synthesis.’

Discover Good Fats

You used to… Shun fatty foods. Now… ‘Not only is fat good for skin, but it’s great for metabolism, too,’ says Dr Zamani. ‘I’m reading Eat Fat Get Thin, £10.49 (amazon.co.uk), by Dr Mark Hyman, who says to minimise sugar and excess starch in your diet but pump up good fats to improve skin elasticity.’

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