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What The Cadogan Clinic

The Lowdown 

It’s the busiest waiting room in all of Chelsea, crammed with patients wanting moles mapped, pigmentation blasted or a stealthy bit of nip and tuck. So no wonder women (and men) are requesting to be slipped in (or out) through the private entrance on the corner of Cadogan Gardens. Once inside, it’s a quick trip down in the elevators to the theatres, where Bryan Mayou is busy performing routine lipo (he introduced it to the UK); for minor excisions, pay a visit to Dr Susan Mayou upstairs, or see Dr Maryam Zamani to get your eyes done.

Our Verdict

Slick, yes; highly trained and experts in their respective fields, yes. And they’re jolly good fun too. You’ll want to invite the whole gang over for supper.

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