Dr Maryam Zamani as featured in the Mail on Sunday

Yes you can have a tummy tuck without going under the knife

The Chin-Firmer

THE TREATMENT: Ultherapy, from £800. drmaryamzamani.com

HOW IT WORKS: Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy. In a single session the target area is treated three times at three different depths within the skin – tightening the muscle, stimulating the deep dermis to produce more collagen and targeting the superficial dermis where the skin’s proteins are heated and shrunk, causing an immediate tightening effect.

WHAT’S IT LIKE? Karen MacDonald, 65, had her neck treated. She said:’Six months on, I can see a noticeable improvement. I am delighted with the result. People say I look well but don’t notice it’s my less wobbly chin. The results should last up to two years.’

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