Dr Maryam Zamani as featured in the Telegraph


Gym weights carry 362 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat. Here’s how to stay healthy in the gym

  • Wear gloves

Not the paranoid CSI kind, but the weightlifting gym kind. “I recommend disinfecting the handles of machines or equipment used,” says Dr Maryam Zamani of Cadogan Clinic. “It’s difficult to do with weights and for that reason I recommend wearing work out gloves that are washed after every session.”

  • Keep your hands away from your face

This is a good idea anyway, as perfectly cleansed and moisturised skin gets nothing from then being smothered in filthy hands, but Dr Zamani says this is especially important in the gym: “Do not touch your face while working out, take a clean towel to use if your gym does not provide and wash your hands immediately afterwards!” she says. If you’re not showering at the gym, be sure to use a face or body wipe to tide you over until you can get to one.

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