Dr Maryam Zamani – Beauty proof your workout


Beauty proof your workout

If you’re… pumping pedals in a spinning class.
OK, it’s not a hot yoga studio, but indoor workouts like spinning still involve a whole lot of sweat. Plus, you don’t know if the person on the bike before you was vigilant about cleaning it down, so try to avoid touching your face. ‘In warmer environments, there is always the risk of bacteria breeding,’ warns Dr Maryam Zamani, a leading aesthetics doctor.

Start your post-spin skin regime with a cleanser that has antibacterial properties but isn’t abrasive, so steer clear of products containing alcohol or stronger AHAs, like glycolic acid. Spin studios tend to be air-conditioned, so that has a drying effect on your skin. Dr Zamani recommends steaming your skin to restore some balance after a workout in a dehydrating environment, but be careful not to bathe it in super-hot water. Instead, aim to lock in moisture with a really hydrating serum, ideally something that’s rich in hyaluronic acid (try Vichy’s new serum) and top it off with a moisturiser containing soothing agents like liquorice, which helps to bring down redness after exercise.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep your skin (and everything else) hydrated.


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