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Sense and Sensitivity: The best mascaras for sensitive eyes

But are they really better for sensitive eyes? It’s debatable. As ophthalmologist, oculoplastic surgeon and leading aesthetic doctor Dr Maryam Zamani tells me, “I generally think the less ingredients, the better.” ‘Natural’ products usually have a far shorter list, making reactions less likely. But as with skincare, nature isn’t always a safe bet. “Just because some ingredients are good to eat does not mean they are good for the face. Almond, apricot kernal, avocado, cocoa butter, and sunflower can be culprits. Look out for anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal instead.”

Much like skincare for sensitive skin, only a test of the product will truly confirm whether it’s right for you – though of course it’s a little harder with lashes. For new mascaras I test them on my lower lashes only – it’s easier to swipe it away if an itch starts to form and there’s no other makeup there causing confusion as to the culprit. Application is also key, as Dr Zamani explains: “Most importantly when buying and using eye makeup products is to keep your cosmetics clean and do not share your products. Toss old makeup, and do not use mascara that has dried out. Try to use the mascara 1mm away from the base of the lash so that the mascara is only on the lash, not the root of the lash. Be careful with the colour of the eye products, particularly if you are using any reds – they often contain significant allergens.”

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