Dr Maryam Zamani – Best for Sunken Sockets : Tri Eye Transformation

Best for sunken sockets: Tri Eye Transformation

The lowdown For those who rely on critical amounts of under-eye concealer applied at strict intervals throughout the day, Dr Maryam Zamani’s peeper-perker might be just the ticket. It’s a three-pronged approach tailored to the patient – in this case, laser, IPL (intense pulsed light) and fillers – and designed to bring joy to those whose dark circles make them want to cry. First, an assessment to determine the root cause of the bags (skin tone, bone structure, pigmentation and capillaries can all play a part). Broken veins are treated to a blast of the Norseld laser, wrinkles are smoothed with a bit of IPL, and hyaluronic acid fillers are (carefully, artistically) injected into the tear troughs (the bits below eyes that become hollow over time) to ‘lift’ recesses and create a smoother contour. You’ll leave with detailed information on the technique used – which is rather useful when you’ve not been listening, and instead daydreaming about a life without under-eye bags.

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