Dr Maryam Zamani as featured on the Mail Online – Sunburn at 30,000ft? It’s possible.

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Sunburn at 30,000ft? It’s possible. Experts reveal why passengers should be packing SPF cream in their carry-on luggage

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Dr Maryam Zamani, an aesthetic doctor at the Cadogan Clinic in London, said: ‘You should always wear sunscreen, even on a plane. There can definitely be UVA and B exposure on a plane, through the windows.

‘It has been documented that aeroplane windshields do not completely block UVA radiation and that pilots are likely at increased risk from skin cancer.

‘This radiation can be even higher when flying over snow fields or thick clouds which reflect UV radiation.

‘The fact that UVA radiation is not blocked out means, that there is increased incidence of wrinkling, skin ageing as well as skin cancer.’

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