Dr Maryam Zamani – The 6 beauty ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin


The 6 beauty ingredients you should avoid if you’ve got sensitive skin

Today marks the start of Allergy Awareness Week, which is why we’re doing our bit for beauty by listing the seven skin culprits for complexion reactions. Here skin doctor Dr Maryam Zamani raises the red flag for ingredients to be wary of for anyone with sensitive skin.

1. “Fragrance is THE most common major sensitiser in topically applied products. It is difficult to tell which fragrance is the culprit but if you suffer from sensitive skin, choose fragrance free products.

2. “Parabens (used as perservatives in foods and personal care products because they are bacteriocidal and fungicidal) can permeate through the skin and accumulate. Some are considered bad and some are good, but to simplify, chose paraben-free products when looking at ingredients for sensitive skin.

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