Dr Maryam Zamani discusses her non-surgical TriBrow Lift & Define

Dr Maryam Zamani is featured in a new generation of non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures are able to solve problems that once required a scalpel, a surgeon and six weeks of downtime.

When your brow is having a slump!

She gives a breakdown of her TriBrow Lift & Define treatment that works to a) lift a sagging brow, b) smooth hollowness around the forehead and temples, and c) blitz blue veins about the eyes. The first of two appointments combines Ultherapy (ultrasound, which revs up collagen production) with the Nd:YAG laser (to treat veins), and the second, two weeks on, is about injectables: Botox to lift the brow and filler to replace lost volume.

Fortunately, Dr Maryam Zamani works swiftly, while her calm bedside manner helps you to power through the painful Ultherapy laser treatment.

There is no downtime after the Ultherapy and Nd:YAG (though driving is forbidden for 24 hours), but the injectables leave things feeling tender, with a bit of bruising and swelling.

RESULTS: The area around the eyes immediately opens up. In days the Botox kicks in and, over three months, things continue to lift and tighten.


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