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Review: MZ Skin

Cleanse & Clarify Dual Action AHA Cleanser & Mask, £56

Lift & Lustre Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum, £210

Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Mask, £65

The products are all boxed in vintage pink. The bottles of serums, gold trimmed, look so girly on your dressing table, yet MZ Skin is a doctor skin care, feminine and powerful. Remember those two words throughout using it. Whatever the science, the philosophy is womanliness, created by Dr Maryam Zamani. I met Dr Maryam, a super respected Ocuplastic surgeon at a lovely breakfast about a year ago. Light, funny and super high powered, she specialises in surgical and non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures at the Cadogan Clinic in London.


A Doctor Skincare range can often seem alien and look too clinical, another skin care range in a market already flooded. Despite all of this, MZ Skin is superb and I’m obsessed with it. Her science is reveal, enhance, protect.  Reveal being all about brightening and illuminating the skin and iridescent pigments enhance is about stem cells, nurture and nourish while lifting occurs via Elastin and Collagen support. And protect is about skins lipid barrier being protected from UVA and UVB.

Dr Maryam knows her science but her products are beyond the sum of her parts.  It’s better than applying science to your face. You’re applying nurture, luxury.  The cleanser for instance doubles up as a mask. It feels cool and exciting on the skin. It feels a sensory experience. It’s hydrating and it’s dermabrasing at the same time. Imagine those two things together.  You can use it as a daily cleanser and it polishes off dead skin cells, refines pores and boosts cellular renewal.  It doesn’t just clean the skin, it clarifies the skin tone. It spectacularly evens out the face and when used as a mask it does all this with more intensity.  It uses papaya fruit enzyme that brightens and exfoliates the skin.  Papaya is an enzyme that’s been used in many products and it’s always left my face red and itchy.  This leaves the face like cashmere.

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