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How to Maintain an Active Social Life and Still Look (and feel) Good

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Or at least how I try to do it …

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, social bonds are good for your health – both mental and physical. Just think of how much better you feel when a friend drops by for tea and a chat after you’ve had a rough day. So it stands to reason both throwing and going to more parties is good for you! But what is all of this eating and drinking, not to mention all of the late nights, going to do to how you look and feel?

Well, it could make you feel pretty horrific. Hangovers, weight gain, breakouts, bloating, and poor quality of sleep – these can all be side effects of being ‘all partied out.’ In a word, you stop looking good. And, from a personal standpoint, when I don’t look good I don’t feel good. And when I don’t feel good, the last thing I want to do is go out or see anyone.

I can’t even go out anyway, because nothing in my closet feels remotely flattering. If you, like me, are the kind of person who is only motivated to shop only when you’re feeling particularly svelte, your wardrobe is unforgiving. In other words, you have no “fat pants” – only sweatpants.

So I default to sweatpants mode and it becomes exceedingly difficult to pry me off the couch. We’ve all been there … That icky, puffy, lethargic feeling that affects you emotionally as well as physically.

Being an extremely extroverted individual, I really abhor being banished to this anti-party prison of my own making. And because the only way I can have fun is if I feel well physically and emotionally, taking care of myself is a huge part of my party throwing and going ethic.

I’m no wellness expert, but here is my way to combat that ‘all partied-out’ look and the negative feelings that come along with it:

Adhere to a good skincare routine.

One of my dear friends is Dr. Maryam Zamani, the gorgeous and famous beauty doctor whose treatments and skincare products can work miracles. How lucky am I?! But even if you don’t have ready access to an exceptional aesthetic specialist, investing in the right products and adhering to a good skincare routine will keep you from looking worn out.



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