Post Summer Skin Saviours


skincare35It is the end of our summer holidaze; back to work, school and everyday life. After summer sun fun, its time to get your skin ready for the fall. Our skin changes with the seasons and so should your skin care regimen. Post summer is the ideal time to lighten sun spots, soften rough skin and to aim to reverse sun damage.

Lets start with the facts! Sun exposure depletes collagen which functions to support our skin and is essential for skin firmness, elasticity and protection. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays promotes early ageing. What can we do?

1. Address Sun Damaged Skin: While sunshine can provide us with much needed Vitamin D and happy memories, it can also damage our skin, even with our best efforts using sun protection. This means more freckles, uneven skin tone and age spots. Home treatments such as glycolic acid creams and lotions can help diminish problems created by hyperpigmentation. Antioxidants are essential as their reserve has been depleted fighting off past UV exposure. I love Skinceuticals Vitamin C products to provide a boost. When damage is more extensive, it is time to seek professional help. Blotchy, red, and pigmented skin can benefit from a visit to your doctor. Treatments can include light to moderate peels, light therapy and treatments such as IPL and stronger laser treatments such as fraxel or pixel.

2. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. After the summer, skin can become rough and dull. Exfoliation helps reveal the smooth skin underneath and will help improve absorption of your skin products.

3. Treat Acne: Some types of acne are exacerbated by hot and humid summer weather. Some ingredients that react with the sun are not used during the summer months. This is the time to add them back into your skin care regimen. Using a retinol based product can help improve your acne while also providing anti-ageing benefits.

4. Rehydrate and Repair your Lips: Lips are sensitive to sun and dry weather and are often neglected during the summer months. Apply shea butter or Vitamin E oils to help seal in moisture and allow your lips to heal.

5. Keep Wearing your Sunscreen: Sunscreen is important all year round. While the UVB rays from the sun cause visible changes in your skin causing you to tan and to become red, harmful unseen UVA rays cause damage and are responsible for ageing. This means even on cloudy and rainy days, our skin is exposed. Prevention is essential to all skin care regimens. I like the ZO primer with sunscreen. Not only does it provide essential SPF and protection from UVA and UVB rays, it leaves your skin feeling more even.

6. Moisturize: After drying out your skin from sun, sea and pools, it is imperative to help your skin recover with hydration. Give your skin a little boost with hydrating masks. Avene hydrating mask is a nice and easy way to give yourself softer, hydrated skin.

7. Get your diet back on tract: Increase your intake of essential fatty acids that can be found in fish like salmon or flax seed. This will help with skin repair and protect from further damage.

Get your skin ready for post summer health. See your dermatologist to assess your moles and pigmented lesions. Treat hyperpigmentation, redness and uneven skin tone. And prepare your skin for dryer, cooler months.

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