Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Rituals


With the warmer months fast approaching and spring just around the corner, thoughts start to turn towards cleansing and rejuvenation. With the upcoming beauty and fashion trends, it does not have to just be your home that needs a spring clean! As the seasons start to change, it’s now also the perfect time to revive your beauty routine and update your existing makeup bag. Most of us do not have the same skincare needs year round, so what better way to banish the last harsh traces of winter than to update your skincare regime to suit the new season? In addition, using expired skincare and makeup can be dangerous to our skin health. Even products without oil or water still have an expiry as they can harbour bacteria which can cause infection and break outs. With that in mind, here are a few basic steps on how to revitalise and tweak your beauty ritual:

Change your skin care routine.

  • Cleansing: As the weather warms up, your skin will naturally produce more oil. This means that you will need to cleanse more deeply than in the winter to get rid of the grime and sweat build up.
  • Exfoliation: Spring is an ideal time to get rid of that dull and tired winter skin to make way for a more radiant and fresh complexion not just for the face but for the body. I recommend biweekly exfoliation all year round. One of the products I like is the Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion.
  • Relinquish your heavy face creams and foundations. With the rising temperatures, your pores will tend to clog quickly, so switching to a lighter daily or tinted moisturiser with a higher SPF of 30 will help hydrate your skin as well as bring back that spring-fresh glisten
  • Mask Appeal: As the seasons change, a weekly facial mask is the perfect way to renew your complexion. To bring a spa and pamper sensation to your routine, try a mask with gentle exfoliation and hydration.

Time to reorganise and clean out your makeup bag.

  • Now is the perfect time to go through your make up and clear out your old make up. The easiest way to know when to throw an eye shadow or concealer away is to look at the packaging- mascara should be replaced after three months to avoid nasty eye infections, liquid liner and concealer after six months, and lipstick, lip gloss, and foundation after one year.
  • Wash your makeup brushes thoroughly- a mild or baby shampoo can be used
  • Do clean your makeup bag out as often as you clean your brushes. Remember, bacteria thrive in warm conditions, and this is a perfect hideaway – some can actually go in the washing machine, whilst others can be wiped out carefully with an antibacterial wipe
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