MZ Skin is featured as ´This weeks most wanted product´

Las Tiendas de Marta and Net-A-Porter feature a list of This Week’s Most Wanted products. Brighten & Perfect …

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Dr Maryam Zamani shares the three second rule for serums

Aesthetic doctor Maryam Zamani discusses the three second rule for applying serums and moisturizers. She discusses applying on …

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Dr Maryam Zamani discusses summer skin survival

Leading Aesthetic doctor Maryam Zamani discusses ageing effects on our skin and how to prevent this. Dr. Maryam …

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women's health hev light

Dr Maryam Zamani discusses HEV Light

Dr Zamani discusses protecting our skin from HEV light emitted from computer and phone screens. See what she …

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Dr Maryam Zamani on sagging jowls and ultherapy

Dr Maryam Zamani discusses how to combat sagging jowls

Dr Maryam Zamani reveals how to combating sagging jowls and the procedure. Discussing ultherapy, elasticity and collagen. Credits: …

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MZ Skin wins 2 Attracta Beauty Awards

MZ Skin’s Lift & Lustre and Rest & Revive were the 2017 winners of the Attracta Beauty Awards. …

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MZ Skin is recommended for summer ready skin

Retailer giant Harrods mentions MZ Skin’s Cleanse & Clarify Dual Action AHA Cleanser and Mask to its collection …

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summer skin spf
1 Jul 2017

How To Maintain Summer Radiant Skin

Read about this here!

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Style magazine Dr Maryam Zamani sunscreen

Dr Maryam Zamani discusses how to use sunscreen

Aesthetic doctor Maryam Zamani shares her advice on the immensely important topic of sunscreen usage. She discusses what type of …

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Dr Maryam Zamani mentioned on Stina Sanders discussing cosmetic surgery

Model Stina Sanders discusses why she decided to opt for cosmetic surgery. She mentioned Dr Maryam Zamani and …

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MZ Skin Natural Konjac Sponge is mentioned as the summers hottest exfoliator

Natural Konjac Sponge with mineral rich red clay, £19

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MZ Skin is featured discussing results

MZ Skin Cleanse & Clarify, Natural Konjac Sponge and Lift & Lustre are featured in reallyree.com. Mentioning skin …

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