2 Jan 2019

Restore Your Post Party Season Glow

The holiday festivities may be over but unless strict skincare precautions were taken, the hangover from the season may still be showing on the complexion. While there is nothing novel about the concept of a January detox, I do suggest the below to bring back the post party season glow
1. Holidays are synonymous with late nights and late lie ins and while that seems relaxing, it does quite the opposite for our skin. Once your sleep cycle is out of rhythm, you will often find yourself staying awake in the wee hours of the day and that is the perfect recipe for lacklustre skin and fine lines on top of the puffy eyes and dark circles. Instead try to take the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ advise to heart and place the MZ Skin Hydra Bright Golden Eye Treatment masks on followed by MZ Skin Rest & Revive Night Serum to help rejuvenate the skin as you rest before slipping under the sheets at a decent hour (preferably by 10 pm).
2.  Hit reset on your skincare and fight the end of year marathon festivities combined with winter skincare concerns such as outbreak of spots or patchy, flaking dryness with an at home targeted mask. However, not all masks are created equal. Where some sheet masks fall short, MZ Skin Hydra Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask delivers a potent combination of ingredients cell-deep to soothe, hydrate and breathe new life into weary faces.
3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – I cannot focus enough on the importance of hydration from the inside-out. Swap out the morning skinny cappuccinos for organic, cold-pressed green juices that include the perfect blend of phytonutrients and protein to help rid the body of accumulated toxins.  My personal favorites are from The Good Life or Plenish.  These are also an excellent way to help your body clock re-adjust.  Interspersed throughout the day, lemon infused hot water is a great way to stimulate detoxification. Additionally, for immediate topical hydration opt for Hyaluronic Acid rich,  MZ Skin Lift and Lustre, that will help restore immediate moisturization to your skin and MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect, my personal favourite, with 10% Vitamin C will help reveal a brighter, smoother, and luminous skin tone instantly.
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