1 Jun 2019

Acne Awareness – Causes & Treatments

Acne Awareness – When the sebaceous glands on the skin (grease producing glands) produce an excessive amount of oil, the natural activity of p.acne (Propionibacterium acnes – the acne baterium that is present on everyone’s skin) changes. Feeding off the excess oil, p.acne starts to multiply creating the perfect concoction of inflammation, spots, and pus. Further, as this excess oil secretion thickens the inner lining of the hair follicles, the pores (opening of the hair follicle) start to get blocked giving rise to what we call ‘Acne’.

Affecting every 3 in 4 people, Acne affects a variety of age groups and can be caused due to a variety of reasons. The causes vary from hormonal changes to poor lifestyle but sometimes can also be genetic. Predominantly it is known to begin in teenage and clear up by mid twenties but this is not true for all. Sometimes, acne can begin in or continues into  in the adult life. Regardless of the severity, cause, or age – seeking medical advise is extremely important to ensure timely diagnoses and treatment.

Topical treatments that are applied directly to the skin such as benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, azelaic acid, nicotinamide and antibiotics are usually the first choice for mild or moderate acne. They can sometimes dry or irritate the skin, and in that case you should stop treatment for a couple of days and restarted in gradual intervals. Sometimes oral antibiotics are also advised along with the topical treatments for accelerated benefits.

Prevention is the best care – even as Dr Maryam Zamani recommends, a routine to effectively keep breakouts to a minimum should be an AHA cleanser, followed by an antioxidant rich serum containing vitamin A, C or E and finishing with an SPF moisturiser. To further enhance these results, using an AHA containing mask every week such as MZ Skin Radiance and Renewal will provide enhanced exfoliation to the skin. This mask will also encourage faster repair of damaged cells and increase cell turnover for a plumper and luminous complexion. Additionally, LED Light commonly used in clinic or even at home MZ Skin Light Therapy Device can also be used on the blue light setting to help target the strain of bacteria that is responsible for acne.

A number of clinical treatments are also effective in helping deal with acne or post acne conditions, such as scarring. With little to no downtime, iPixel (fractional ablative laser) is a technique that involves creating microcolumns of perforations in your skin, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The body then stimulates a healing process inclusive of production of new collagen, elastic, and healthy skin. Another frequently heard of treatment is peels where using chemicals or enzymes,  an excessive buildup of dead skin cells is removed to reveal newer skin. Peels can be combined with a number of other treatments including LED treatments, microdermabrasion and laser treatments for optimal results.

Treatments to Consider:

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