face showing acne
25 Apr 2023

Acne – skincare condition explained

Acne is the most common inflammatory skin condition seen in our dermatology clinic. As a dermatologist I think about the active skin changes that occurs with acne as well as it’s after math, including induced pigmentation change known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Dermatological studies show residual changes can take more than a year to settle which can have a massive impact to quality of life.

Acne can have long term implications on self confidence and morale. Patients with acne and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation feel less happy and secure than those that do not.  It is imperative to treat acne, to be mindful of acne induced scarring that can occur and to make sure patients understand this can happen and we can work to correct it.

The current world order is such a social media whirlwind with more and more online presence, with skin being the first presentation of ourselves.  Not only do we need to remove the stigma of non perfect skin (which affects up to 80% of us at any one time), but also be mindful of the ways it can affect us: depression, social anxiety and body image concerns. Treating our skin holistically with mind, body and soul is the way to best skin and mental health. It can be a difficult journey, but we will be there along the way to help restore and maintain self confidence.

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