4 Jul 2022

Anterior Face Rejuvenation 

Face rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment that promotes a young and healthy look, it can be done surgically and non surgically, the latter has becoming more and more popular over the years.

The non surgical anterior face rejuvenation is a treatment involving injections of hyaluronic acid to volumise and reshape the frontal aspect of the face.

It involves volumising the frontal aspect of the cheeks with a medium-thick gel-like (hyaluronic acid) and if necessary injections to the dark circles to improve hollowing under the eyes. The first step of this treatment is pivotal to ensure we get a basis, like a pillar in a house so we can then work towards under eyes.

The main concerns to those who sought this procedure were mainly associated with tired look, sunken eyes, sleepless look amongst others.

In a nutshell, someone who lost a significant amount of weight, presents dark circles or due to genetic reasons (relatives presenting the same facial characteristics) will benefit from this treatment.

Within my technique, I use a single entry point to each side of the face and I am able to restore facial volume loss to the cheeks and under eyes through the same entry point. This takes roughly 40mins in the consulting room where specific products (fillers) are used.

The treatment presents minimal to no pain and results are seen immediately, however enhanced results can be expected in 9 weeks (expected time for product rejuvenation to take effect).

The right candidate will present facial volume loss mainly to the frontal aspect of the face, mainly presenting nasolabial folds, sunken eyes and tired expression.

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