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28 Dec 2022

AquaGold Fine Touch New Year Cocktail

24k Gold needles finer than a single human hair pressed into the skin rather than rolled, Aqua Gold Fine Touch is a painless yet effective way to deliver tailored ingredients into the skin.  There is no exact recipe for the cocktail but often include a unique blend of neuromodulators (like Botox), hyaluronic acid, PRP (platelet rich plasma), vitamins, minerals, and other anti-aging nutrients.  Our favourite cocktail mix which will leave your skin radiant after the festive indulgences and holidays.

AquaGold Fine Touch is a micro-channelling device that delivers strategically blended, skin rejuvenating ingredients into the top layer of skin without downtime for beautiful radiant skin.  At a depth of 0.6mm, the needles function to stimulate cellular renewal through gentle, controlled damage.  The body’s natural healing process then creates elastin and collagen to improve skin texture, brighten tone, improve hydration, and minimize pores.

So what are some of the ingredients that can be used in AquaGold Fine Touch?

Microtox (Neuromodulator) Cocktail

Small amounts of dilute “Baby Botox” is incorporated and delivered just below the skin surface.  This small amount of neuromodulator helps to improve the appearance of pore size, reduce redness in skin, and improves skin radiance.  Using microdroplets of dilute botox helps to smooth and tighten skin by shrinking the sweat and sebaceous glands and by weakening the superficial muscle fibres that insert on the skin.  Improvement of facial flushing in those with rosacea can also be reduced with the addition of microtox.

 Hyaluronic Acid Hydration

For super hydration, increased firmness, improved elasticity and texture, a low viscosity hyaluronic acid filler is added into the AquaGold cocktail. Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the skin and contributes to its hydration and elasticity. It the primary ingredient in many dermal facial fillers and skincare products because of its ability to hold many times its weight in water and therefor giving skin a hydrated, plump, and healthy glow.  Hyaluronic acid acts like an internal moisturizer to help draw water into skin to plump.

Vitamin Mix

Vitamins and minerals can include a number of ingredients.  B complex can be added to improve the condition of the skin, help rosacea, sun damage and ageing dry skin. Antioxidants such as a vitamin C+E complex help prevent free radical damage, improve skin tone, and enhance skin brightness for a more youthful appearance.

AquaGold Fine Touch effects are natural.  It creates enhanced hydration, plumping which can appear within minutes to hours after treatment.  Some of the other ingredients may take a week or two to show.  Microtox improvements such as oil reduction, pore tightening, and redness can take up to two weeks to be seen.  Long term results from collagen and elastin production minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Overall, results can last 2-4 months.

Welcome the New Year with a radiance enhancing AquaGold Fine Touch Cocktail

Miss Ellie May Wright

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