31 May 2023

Banish Spots Fast with These Tips from our Consultant Dermatologist

There are different types of emergency spot treatments so when you are faced with a new spot before a big occasion, we understand that you would be keen to get it resolved.

I find I do like emergency spot treatments and also what I find very helpful for a quick snap shot treatment is very low dose of liquid steroid straight into the acne spot by injection.  I find this brings down the active red inflammation component of the spot over the course of 8-12 hours and then what you see is a massive improvement.

Emergency Spot treatments are dressings that draw out excess fluid (secondary to inflammation) and are also very useful before a big event especially if you can’t get to a dermatologist. I would use options like Zitsticka which is a hydrocolloid dressing or emergency pimple patches, but do leave these on for about 6-12 hours and you will start to notice an improvement.

Dr Angela Tewari

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