Miss Ellie Wright
29 Aug 2023

Busting Common Skincare Myths

With September being Skincare awareness month lets DEBUNK common Skincare Myths.

Myth – You only need to reapply sunscreen if you’ve been in the sun.
FACT – Sunscreen loses its effectiveness on your skin even without sun exposure.

Myth – Your skin must feel tight after washing to know you have thoroughly cleaned your skin.
FACT – If your skin feels tight after washing it is a sign you have overdone it.

Myth – You need to double cleanse to remove all your skincare from the day.
FACT – A good cleanser can remove all the oils you have applied on the skin throughout the day.

Myth – Start with warm water to open your pores, then use cold water to close then.
FACT – Pores don’t open and close.

Myth – You can’t use face oils if you have acne prone skin.
FACT – The right face oil can help balance your skins oil production.

Miss Ellie May Wright

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