1 Sep 2018

Everything Dark Circles – Beauty Sleep & Treatments

A very common beauty buzzword we hear today is dark circles. Although we are aware of the some of the causes and treatments, it is important to acquire all the relevant information so as to understand and treat it correctly.

To begin with, a lot of times we get confused between puffy eyes and dark circles. Effectively, the two are not the same. Puffy eyes result from fat that pushes out from the lower eyelid. Whereas, dark circles can be an illusion of a shadow of darkness that happens due to dip in the region between our eye and cheek as we age.  Additionally, beauty sleep isn’t just a notion, it is a bare necessity. Sleep helps release toxins from our entire body and helps our body rejuvenate. Lack of this causes the blood vessels around the eye to dilate and become visible as dark circles. Other common causes of dark circles include strain on the eye, poor circulation to the lower eyelid, hyperpigmentation, and genetics.

A common in-clinic treatment of dark circles is the Tear Trough Fillers. This includes fillers such as derma fillers to replace the volume loss or using hyaluronic acid fillers help re-plump and soften the area to give an enhance youthful appearance. Although there are common risks such as bruising and swelling associated with the tear trough fillers, they are usually temporary. Further, PRP injections can also be used with hyaluronic acid fillers to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Additionally, drinking fluids, using Retinoids, or simply using a concealer can help improve hydration, enhance skin quality, reduce discoloration, or camouflage our under eye concerns.  So get your beauty sleep, live a healthy lifestyle, and don’t forget that giving your eyes a little TLC can go a long way!

Treatments to Consider:

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