facing the future
1 Jan 2020

Facing the Future

Where is the 2020 treatment industry leading us? Oculoplastic surgeon and founder of MZ Skin, Dr Maryam Zamani gives us a little intel on what to expect this year in the beauty world.

Nowadays there is a focus on getting more clarity and understanding of where products have been sourced from so brands are looking at educating consumers on what each ingredient is targeted to do and how they can transform the skin. This transparency of ingredients will make it easier for consumers to choose what the right skin product is for them.

“Natural”, “Organic” and “Eco-friendly” are certainly buzzwords of the moment and Dr Zamani believes 2020 will bring even more growth of more conscious consumers. The business of environmentally friendly, natural skin care products is booming. Consumers today are not just looking for natural beauty ingredients but also recyclable packaging. 2020 will bring more consciousness and awareness to the issues going on today with global warming, climate change and sustainability.

In terms of top ingredients for the new decade, stem cells definitely make the list. Stem cells are playing a bigger role in the beauty market this year as we continue to find out more and more about what can be accomplished with them. We are constantly looking to find ways to combat ageing and help prevent it. With stem cells becoming more popular in the market, it is quite likely that many brands will be incorporating this.

Another trending ingredient of this decade is antioxidants. Consumers are becoming more aware of how important antioxidants are, not just inside our bodies but for our skin too. While consuming antioxidant-rich food such as berries and fruits is very effective, topical application of antioxidants provide direct benefits to skin, making it a popular choice for consumers.

Home treatments are also becoming extremely popular as people have less time to get treatments in clinics or spas. Whether you are a full- time mum or have a full-time stressful job, home treatments provide the same benefits as clinic treatments and the convenience of doing them at your own time. Many consumers like to come home, relax and be able to fit in a home treatment around a busy schedule. Today, beauty products are being designed for you to enjoy downtime at home whilst giving yourself your own beauty treatment in your own desired time in your own comfort

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