10 Jan 2024

Forever Body BBL!

BBL – So, let’s start right from the beginning!

What are these brown spots that appeared on my body and what has caused them?
There are many different factors that could be the cause of Hyperpigmentation on the skin, Acne scarring, medication and hormones are well-known triggers, however, the main cause of hyperpigmentation is Solar Radiation. Yes, that’s right, SUN DAMAGE!

Sun damage takes place when unprotected skin is exposed to UVA/UVB light causing photodamage to happen in the deeper layers of the skin (The Dermis) as we age, and skin cell turnover takes place the damage surfaces and becomes more visible on the skin causing extra-large freckles or flat brown spots also known as Hyperpigmentation typically appearing on your arms, legs, face, hands, chest and decolletage.

So now we know what it is, how do we fix it?
The answer to your question is, Forever Body Broadband Light (BBL). Forever body uses advanced Broadband light to treat Pigment, Vascular and other visible signs of Aging skin using High Energy Rapid Output to quickly deliver forever results anywhere on the body. But that’s not all, Broadband light takes older skin cells and trains those to behave like younger skin cells, years of research have found that BBL treatments can restore the gene expression pattern of aged and/or damaged skin to not only look better but to feel and function better too.

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