30 Jan 2024

PRP, your go to guide to hair restoration

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that uses our own blood, collected from a vein which is then injected back into our body into the concerned area. This treatment is known for its large benefits to wound care, and musculoskeletal injuries amongst others, but we focus on its use for skin care and hair loss & furthermore, our brand new PRP system is optimised for improved outcomes. But how so and why is this system better than others we’ve seen before?

First of all this system requires a lesser amount of blood to be drawn (other systems would normally require 20 mls whereas this system requires 10mls)

Unlike other systems, we do not withdraw the blood to a syringe and then a bottle to prepare it for centrifuge, we withdraw the blood directly to a collection blood bottle with a gel which will, during the centrifuge process, separate the red cells from white cells (these are the ones rich with growth factors). The regular systems would require a great extent of handling, preparation and additives increasing the changes on cross-contamination and decreasing the quality of the end result (what is ready to be injected into our patients).

We discovered this system enables a high standard of collection & preparation as it uses reversible anticoagulation with high purity, physiological sodium citrate solution.

All these factors contribute to a high platelet quality which ensures higher changes in results compared to other systems. Additionally, we found that other systems were very fragile in getting the red cells back together, contaminating the white cells, within this system there is a 99.7% assurance of the purity of our white cells’ integrity, free from any erythrocytes (red cells).

Based on these factors we already noticed enhanced results (even with just 1 session) with amazing before & afters.

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