30 Jan 2024

How EmSculpt NEO can help improve Diastasis Recti

Commonly developing during pregnancy, Diastasis recti is the separation of the Rectus muscles also known as your six-pack ab muscles. This occurs when the growing uterus stretches the Rectus muscles causing the two large muscles that meet in the middle of your abdomen to separate at an abnormal distance.

During pregnancy you may not have noticed the change, however, post-pregnancy a “Belly bulge” is the tell-tale sign, other non-visible symptoms could also include lower back pain, urinary incontinence, and constipation.

So now we know what to look out for, how do we treat?
The woman’s body does amazing things! Depending on the severity of the separation a diastasis usually recovers naturally within the first six months post pregnancy or physical therapy, or physiotherapy may also be successful for treating mild cases, however more commonly than you think medical intervention may be necessary.

Is it too late to treat my Diastasis Recti? NO! And here is why.

EmSculpt NEO is one of the latest and best ways to treat Diastasis Recti without downtime or surgery. EmSculpt NEO uses High Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) and High Focused Radio Frequency (RF) contractions to target the major muscles of the abdominal wall, making them bigger and stronger, assisting in the closure of the gap created by Diastasis Recti (Supported by clinical studies).

Unfortunately, when left for a long period the separation of the muscle can cause loose skin around that area to form, and although EmSculpt NEO helps improve the skin texture a course of Sciton Skin Tyte may be beneficial to give that Mummy Makeover.

Miss Ellie May Wright

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