avoid lockdown frown
1 Jun 2020

how to avoid lockdown frown

Avoid lockdown frown – The new lockdown restrictions have changed the lifestyle of people all over the world. Adjusting to this has undoubtedly brought copious amounts of stress to everyone’s daily lives, which can have a negative impact on mental and physical health. It may be easy to forget about following a skincare regime in times like these, but the skin is one of the first places to show physical signs of stress (wrinkles, fine lines, acne, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, etc.) and maintaining a consistent skincare routine has never been more necessary.

What steps are essential for a lockdown friendly skincare routine?

Certain steps can be introduced into basic skincare routines to maintain healthy and radiant-looking skin. When cleansing the skin, it is important to remember that cleansing should always be done twice a day daily (in the AM and PM) regardless of staying at home or not.

When it comes to exfoliation, this should be done bi-weekly to ensure that the skin is deeply cleansed off any dirt, excess oils, debris, and pollutants. Additionally, it is a great way to make the skin more responsive to any other topical ingredients used.

Another way of increasing the absorption of skincare ingredients is by introducing a facial roller to a routine which helps with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Rollers can be used by themselves right after cleansing or could be used with a serum. When using these, always ensure to roll in an upwards direction to lift the skin.

Masks are also a must-have in any skincare routine, especially those that help with increasing hydration, reducing inflammation, brightening the skin, and promoting an even skin tone. Dr. Zamani recommends placing masks in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before application to achieve cooling benefits to the skin. Any excess leftover serum from masks should not be washed off, but rather should be massaged into the face, neck, and décolletage.

What are some products/tools that would help avoid or reduce the “Lockdown Frown”?  

All of the above skincare steps are a great way to prevent a permanent “Lockdown-Frown”.

Dr. Zamani recommends using the MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Instant Clarity Refining Mask twice a week and the MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device (LED mask) that would also help stimulate collagen production whilst achieving healthy and glowing skin. To relax the face and help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Zamani recommends the MZ Skin Tone & Lift Germanium Contouring Facial Roller. Lastly, the MZ Skin Retinol Skin Booster can be used twice a week to improve the texture, elasticity, and firmness of the skin. Retinol is a derivate of vitamin A that helps boost skin elasticity and density, while stimulating collagen production resulting in firmer skin with reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

What are some Botox alternatives to maintain the skin at home in-between appointments?  

Exfoliation is key! Fine lines and wrinkles are often accentuated by the dead skin/pollutants that sit on the skin. Bi-weekly use of the MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal Instant Clarity Refining Mask can help with the removal of these from the skin. Other ways to prevent the appearance of oxidative stress (lines, wrinkles, etc.) on the skin is using products that contain Antioxidants, Retinol, and SPF. The MZ Skin Hydrate & Nourish Age Defence Retinol Day Moisturiser is an antioxidant-rich retinol day moisturiser with SPF30 to help protect the skin from oxidative damage whilst also refining the complexion.

For those that spend time outdoors, Dr. Zamani recommends wearing sunglasses and hats to prevent constant squinting. If the need arises, wrinkle smoothing patches can be used at night to target wrinkle-prone areas and help reverse premature skin ageing.

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