Zoom-Ready Skin
1 Apr 2020

How to Ensure “Zoom-Ready” Skin

Video conference, Skype calls and Zoom meetings are not a newly discovered phenomenon. In the current circumstances, however, many are constrained in their ability to communicate otherwise and thus are forced to perform work- and household-related tasks virtually through their laptop camera.

Whereas work calls – depending on the work of course – can be more or less low-maintenance in terms of personal appearance, the situation becomes even more complex when it comes to family reunions, Zoom dates and virtual soirées and pub quizzes. Despite what is going on in the outside world, people still wish to keep their skin blemish-free and radiant-looking – especially when the webcam lens is so up close. Whatever the occasion is, Dr Maryam Zamani answers some burning questions on how to help maintain a makeup-free Zoom-ready skin.

What is camera-friendly skin?

Good skin in general is synonymous with healthy skin. What it implies is clear, hydrated, smooth and even-toned skin, which glow from the inside with and without makeup. The MZ Skin philosophy of reveal, enhance and protect is crucial here because it can help the skin maintain the healthy condition, while keeping a consistent routine with quality, high-performance actives that target a variety of skin issues. Good daily cleansing and bi-weekly exfoliation is essential to reveal fresh, healthy skin and allow topical active ingredients to penetrate better. To further enhance and fortify the skin, it is important not to forget using antioxidants, peptides, retinols, as well as occasional hydrogel masks and light peels. Finally, use daily sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 to protect skin from pollutants and environmental aggressors. This program is the one to streamline what is fundamental to have a radiant, healthy-looking skin both on camera and in real life.

What type skincare routine can help the skin look ‘good’ without makeup?

The most effective skincare routine is the one that is consistent and aims to address specific skin concerns. In order to start seeing a visible difference, it is best to carry on with a pattern of skin treatments for a minimum of 6 weeks – an average skin cycle.

What treatments can help achieve camera-friendly skin?

Just like with skincare products, this is heavily contingent upon one’s skin type, skin history and skin’s current condition. For example, in order to treat acne, patients may require topical and/or oral medications to compliment regular medical facial treatments, regardless of skin type. More invasive lasers, peel, or micro-needling treatments will help diminish acne scarring.

In case of Rosacea, it could be useful to opt for Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL) that targets alleviating redness and inflammation long-term or Pulsed Dye Laser – a concentrated beam of light that aims to directly destroy capillary vessels without damaging the skin.

To prolong youthful and glowy skin appearance, injectable treatments, such as prophilio, can be used to make skin look more dewy and radiant. Micro-needling, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) and light laser treatments, like laser genesis, can help reverse the effects of skin ageing by boosting the level of collagen in the skin.

What mistakes do people tend to make when trying to have a flawless skin on front of the camera?

There is nothing wrong with using makeup to conceal the under-eye area to diminish the appearance of dark circles. Having said that, people, who suffer from skin laxity and fat prolapse, can actually accentuate the eye area if too much product is applied on the lower eyelids. In this case, a hydrating and soothing eye cream will help keep the moisture locked in and create an illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.

Treatments to Consider:

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