4 Aug 2023

How to Treat Tired Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes is a universal and common concern caused by genetics, the ageing process and other factors such as lack of sleep, allergies, and poor lifestyle choices.

Already the thinnest skin on our body, over time, the eyelid skin becomes thinner and facial contours start to change, resulting in eye bags and deep, dark circles. Patients with minimal under eye bagging, healthy skin tone and volume deficiency are considered excellent candidates for tear trough treatment with dermal fillers.  Because the eyelid skin is delicate it is important to ensure the correct filler is used with proper techniques to have a positive result with little possibility of complications.

What are under eye fillers?

Tear trough fillers are also called under eye fillers and are a form of injectable hyaluronic acid that is designed to restore lost volume in the under-eye region. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally in the body and can be used in conjunction with other injectable vitamins and minerals. With this treatment, patients can achieve a smoother transition between the eyelid area and the cheek, reducing the appearance of dark circles and creating a rejuvenated, even lower eyelid contour.

Tear trough fillers need to be injected deep beneath the skin and muscle to prevent lumps, swelling or an unsatisfactory result.  Administering hyaluronic acid too close to the surface of the skin will result in unwanted swelling and a blue ‘fluid-like’ look. Tear trough filler treatments can be carried out either with a blunt microcannula or a tiny needle.

What does the process entail?

During the consultation, the face and tear trough area is assessed and discussed to determine goals and treatment options. There is no one treatment for all patients and rather there may be other surgical or non surgical interventions discussed. Some patients request to have a numbing cream applied to the area prior to treatment. The procedure is quick with little discomfort. Ice is applied and after care instructions are given.

before and after eye fillers

Treatments to Consider:

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