IV Vitamin Drip
23 May 2022


What is it?

Intravenous therapy is an infusion of nutrients given directly into the bloodstream through a needle. This therapy has been around for many years and it’s mostly known to promote hydration and deliver nutrients. Since this is administered directly in the veins has 90-100% absorption compared to oral intake which requires bypass on the gastrointestinal tract.

The most famous infusion was developed by Dr John Myers who created Modified Myers Cocktail aiming to be effective against acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease, and other disorders.

In other words, this therapy has been used in the disease context but more recently in a preventative manner, aiming to optimise healthy lifestyles, promote youth and combat specific concerns.

What are the benefits?

We all live in a busy, stressed and hectic world. This stress and pollution have a great effect in our bodies, most of which we cannot see but can certainly feel. We feel stressed, run down, fatigued and are constantly getting sick. While stress and lack of energy might not get us ill it can reduce our immunity response to external aggressions, making us more susceptible to catch bacteria’s and viruses which can make us unwell.

The usage of nutrients intravenously are proven to reduce fatigue, boost metabolism and immune system, maintain optimised hydration & detoxify the liver. Another finding within these therapies is how they can benefit our skin by tackling aged skin, acne scarring, sun-damage, hyperpigmentation and melasma, dark circles, uneven skin tone, amongst many other skin concerns.

Who is eligible?

In nutshell? Nearly everyone!

Healthy individuals with no unstable and acute diseases.

What concerns can be treated?

Slow metabolism,

Low immune system

Tiredness & Lack of energy


Weight Loss

Dull and ageing skin


Muscle recovery

What are the side effects?

There are minimal side effects, these are mostly related to the needle puncture which can cause a small bruise. It is recommended to have a small meal before treatment. Depending on the infusion an urge to empty the bladder might be felt – this is a good sign, a sign of hydration!

How often should I have it done?

It depends what condition is to be treated and main concerns, but overall, initially every 2 weeks for 6 sessions and once or twice a year thereafter.

What can I expect?

It’s advisable to have a small meal (i.e. breakfast) or to have fluids beforehand, this is to allow easier access to the veins. On the appointment day, a medical professional will take your medical history to ensure the procedure is safe to go ahead, and the most appropriate infusion cocktail will be chosen. Thereafter a small needle or catheter will be placed in the arm, this is to allow access to the bloodstream, a sterile circuit composed by a giving set is the connection between the infusion and the vein access. For about 30-45 mins you are invited to relax whilst your body in being replenished.

Can I have other treatments during the infusion?

Other treatments can be performed during the IV infusion. Some actually go hand-in-hand, like EMSculpt NEO, LED light, Hydrafacial amongst others. Please ask your medical professional for packages and recommendations.


Teresa Rocha

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner & Prescriber



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