2 Mar 2023

Love Your Skin – Mum’s Advice

What my Mother always taught me about skin care


I think what I remember the most about what my mother used to say is how much she told me to love my skin, whatever I thought of it and had issues with it, this was the skin I had been given and to love it and look after it no matter how I felt about it. As a teenager I went through a few trials and tribulations with my skin: I had awful facial acne and subsequent acne scarring which as a teenage girl really affected my confidence. My Mum always helped in those situations which really emphasised the psychological impact the skin has on us and how I now always offer a much more holistic approach to my acne patient consults with great patient feedback.


I suffered from ingrown hairs when I was younger and again my Mum was so helpful in offering supportive advice, be kind to your skin, shave in the opposite direction of hair growth and moisturise in the direction of hair growth. Use a soothing cold cream (put it in the fridge before using) really helped calm down skin in a few aggravated situations. I remember playing two hours of netball just after dry shaving my legs – that was extremely uncomfortable! I think loving your skin is the most important advice my mother has given me all those years ago which I tell my boys now all the time.


Dr Angela Tewari – Consultant Dermatologist

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