30 Apr 2024


Tick Tock ⏰… what happens to our skin as we approach Menopause?  And what should we look for in skincare?

The most important concept in determining your skincare routine is determining what your biggest concern is.  Skincare is not about age, it is about skin type and addressing your specific issues.

As we enter our 40s and 50s, the universal truth is that our hormones start to fluctuate, and we know menopause is on the horizon.  We have a decrease in Estrogen, which is a hormone that helps women look and feel youthful.  The biggest changes we see with declining levels of collagen are:

  1. Bony changes in our face (and body). There is a decrease in bone density.  The jawline angles change and unfortunately starts to recede.  If we do not have this scaffolding, then the overlying skin on the face hangs more, creating jowls.  EEK!
  2. Changes in our fat pads: our faces are filled with youthful, full fat and with time, these fat compartments become thinner, and gravity pulls them down. Coupled with changes in the bony structure, everything just starts to sag a bit more.  Double EEK!
  3. There is a decrease in collagen production: this means fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent because our skin cannot produce enough collagen to counter our own collagen breakdown. When we lose the elasticity and bounce in our skin, skin feels loose and hangs.  Saggy and wrinkly! Triple EEK!
  4. There is an increase in sensitivity to sun and the environment: Photoaging is from our cumulative exposure to UV rays. UV rays increase the rate of collagen degradation, and, with time, the damage done over the years becomes activated faster, making pigmentation more obvious.  With hormonal fluctuations skin issues can become more prominent- like increased redness or acne from certain skin conditions.  EEEK, EEK, and EEEEK!
  5. There is also change in sebum production: this means, that our lovely sebaceous glands that keep skin hydrated and dewy start to shrivel, becoming dehydrated and dry.

In case you need to review this situation, a decrease in Estrogen means:

Sagging + Wrinkles + Pigmentation + Sensitive Skin + Dryness

So what can you do? 

We have an arsenal of non surgical options in clinic to help slow down the ageing process but you also have to continue the work at home. Remember my ethos to REVEAL ENHANCE and PROTECT the skin. To elevate your skincare routine, you need to target your skincare based on the issues you see. Here are just a few recommendations:


Cleanse the skin well.  Remember to remove your make-up and then cleanse your skin.

If you have no skin sensitivities, using a light acid cleanser like MZ SKIN’S Cleanse & Clarify will gently cleanse and support a brighter, more even skin tone.  Remember glycolic acid is the smallest of the AHAs and therefore penetrates the deepest and boosts collagen production the most. Lactic Acid is a brightening and hydrating acid and Mandelic is the weakest one and is great for sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin, instead try the MZ SKIN Calming Cleanser to support the skin barrier and nourish skin.  I recommend cleansing once a day (I prefer cleansing in the evening, but you can decide which works best for you).

If you want to help to elevate skin brightening, you can use an Essence to help gently exfoliate the skin while hydrating it. I recommend MZ SKIN’S Micro Peeling Glow Essence.

Next we have ENHANCE: This is where I suggest finding serums that treat your skin concern

If you have issues with pigmentation, look for:

Antioxidants: to combat oxidative damage (like Vit C, niacinamide)

Skin Brighteners: Tranexamic Acids, Retinols, Azaelic Acids

If you have redness:

The MZ SKIN Calming Serum can help immediately reduce redness and inflammation with its prebiotic actives. Again look for ingredients like azelaic acid to soothe skin and help to improve skin barrier

If you want to pro-age use:

Peptides to stimulate collagen and elastin production (which in turn improves firmness)  MZ SKIN’S Reviving Bio-Placenta Serum is an excellent option

Growth Factors to again waken up the production of collagen and elastin

Retinols: stimulate collagen and elastin production

If you have dry skin:

Look for hydrators and humectants to provide hydration and lock it in: Squalene, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid Complex, Botanical extracts to name a few

Ceramides and Lipids are an excellent addition to this

Moisturizers: determine what consistency you want based on your skin type and the climate you are in. If you are dry, reach for a richer moisturizer, if you are oily, then opt for a lighter moisturizer.  This can change with your environment and hormonal fluctuations and can differ even between your day and night routine.


Never forget SPF is your BFF!  Check out my new MZ SKIN SPF 50.  It is never too late to start protecting your skin.

Now I know this sounds like a minefield and that is why we are here to help you create the skincare routine that is best for your skin.

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