30 Aug 2022

Mesotherapy Explained

Why is Mesotherapy a treatment to go for? 

The term Mesotherapy was created by a French Doctor named Michel Pistor in 1952, he claimed that the action on tissue originating from the mesoderm is so extensive that these treatments deserved the global name. This term comes from a representation of a variety of minimally invasive techniques in which medications are directly injected into the skin and underlying tissue in order to improve musculoskeletal, neurologic, and cosmetic conditions. One of the simplest formulations of mesotherapy is commonly used for skin rejuvenation.

There will be a selection on the compound/cocktail which is used according to the individual’s needs. This cocktail which is normally formulated with micronutrients (hyaluronic acid and others) is administered via a small needle and placed very superficially into the skin. There are injections that can be placed more deeply according to the targeted area.

Am I a good candidate?

In order to find out, we need to dive into the benefits of mesotherapy treatment which are:

Hydration, stimulation of collagen, improvement of scars (including acne), improvement of uneven skin tone, brightening and because Mesotherapy helps to improve blood circulation it aids our body in releasing toxins. Even if you aren’t specifically concerned with any of the above, this treatment will make your skin more hydrated and healthier.

If you suffer from any of the above, this means you are more than likely a good candidate and will benefit from this treatment.


Any acute illness, like infections, recent diagnosis or ongoing treatment of cancer, blood disorders.

Possible Side Effects/Complications 

Like any injectable treatment that involves needles, there’s always a risk for infection, bruising, little bumps, redness and swelling, however common doesn’t occur all the time.


The downtime is dependent on the above. The little bumps from the product normally subside within 24-48h, if there’s bruising it could take a bit longer. We always recommend leaving a couple of days of recovery after having this procedure.

Best Results

Upon your consultation we can establish how many sessions you need to achieve the best results, this is subject to the desired outcomes and what we are targeting with each session. Occasionally we may advocate 1 session every 6months or 1 session every 2 weeks. It’s all down to the condition we are treating.

Treatments to Consider:

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