1 Oct 2019

Seasonal Skin Forecast and Global Warming

With climate change at the forefront of all talks, it is important understand that actions have an equal and opposite reaction – so what we do to the environment, eventually comes back to us. Human activities such as deforestation and increased use of fossil fuels have led to a rise in global temperatures and depletion of ozone layer – the layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. As a result, UV damage and skin cancer incidents are on a rise.

Summer may be over but the rise in global temperatures and confusing weather conditions have made it difficult to stick to a single skincare routine all year. So, it is important to take as much precaution and follow a transitional skincare routine with all round products.

For transitional skincare at this time of the year, focus should be on products that help with the dryness and dehydration caused by increased use of radiators. Replenish & Restore – a luxurious overnight mask that contains ethically sourced placenta and hyaluronic acid to help increase and retain moisture in the skin. Along with hydration, SPF is another key to protect your skin all year round, despite the season. Opt for a broad spectrum SPF (UVA/B) day time moisturiser such as Hydrate & Nourish, higher if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, as the effects of the ozone depletion are worst felt there. While SPF can protect you from ageing and burning; regenerating your skin’s natural healing process post sun damage is equally important. Vitamin-Infused Facial Treatment Mask infused with aloe, liquorice extract, and antioxidants helps repair, soothe, and regenerate the skin post sun damage.

Another long term preventative step is a Vitamin C serum that helps reverse the visible effects of UV activated hyperpigmentation, reduce age spots and skin tone imperfections. Whether it is cloudy outside or extremely sunny, a Vitamin C must definitely make your vanity kit.

Taking care of your skin topically with the right 365 days round products is definitely a plus point but don’t forget your daily water intake, avoid peak sun hours, and do your bit for the environment. A little effort goes a long way.

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