Double Cleansing
2 Mar 2023

Secrets of Double Cleansing

As a girl I was always fascinated with makeup & used to borrow (or steal) my Mum’s signature MAC Red Lipstick. As I got older & YouTube became a thing, I started to experiment with more than just lipstick & would sit for hours in the mirror learning how to create a “smoky eye” or whatever makeup style was the most popular at the time.

My Mum always embraced my love for makeup and saw it as a way for me to express my creativity but whilst I was learning how to create the perfect brow she always reminded me that the removal was just as important as the application. After a night out on the town as a teenager, I would come home with face still perfectly intact (thank you setting spray!) & use make up wipes (cringe) to remove it all. She always instilled the important of removing my makeup properly and was one of the first advocates of double cleansing.

Whether you love to wear a full face of makeup or you prefer a light veil it’s so important to cleanse your face thoroughly when you come home, especially living in a bustling city like London. I have to say of all the pieces of advice my dear Mum has given me this has been the one that I am thankful I listened to.

Shai Henry – Clinic Manager

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