31 May 2023


This is a treatment done in clinic to improve skin quality by using multiple small injections to the superficial layers of the skin.  Skin Booster improve skin elasticity, hydration, tone and also improves acne scarring. Furthermore patients who present acne scarring are at greater risk for severe wrinkles (where scarring is present) this treatment will prevent this complication.


  • Improvement of hydration, radiance and firmness (reducing acne scarring)
  • Correction of skin roughness and withered skin marked by ageing
  • Anti ageing – prevents wrinkles
  • Improvement of uneven skin tone (caused by sun exposure)
  • Results last up to 9 months

What’s inside these injections? Debulking Medical Jargon:

Hyaluronic acid

Zinc acetate dihydrate (prevents skin infections and acne)

L-lysine monohydrate (building collagen)

L-arginine (natural firming aka natural Botox),

Glutathione (Master of Brightness),

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (antioxidant and skin brightening, helps with free radical damage as well as, helps the action of Glutathione)

L-isoleucine (strengths skin barrier)

L-leucine (regenerate ageing skin and reduce fine lines and sagging skin)

Glycine (reduce the formation of wrinkles by increasing collagen production)

L-valine (synthesis of the skin’s primary collagens)

L-threonine (anti ageing and hydration)

L-proline (helps skin to retain moisture)

Pyridoxine hydrochloride (brightens up the skin, stimulates collagen production, and makes skin healthier and more youthful)

Copper sulphate pentahydrate (skin elasticity),

α-lipoic acid (fight ageing signs)

Lidocaine (procedure is a lot more tolerable and virtually pain free)

Treatment areas:

Face, décolletage and neck

Treatment Plan:

This is variable on the assessment done in clinic and clinical outcomes. For optimum results and long-lasting skin rejuvenation – 3 sessions at 3-week intervals are recommended. Whereas long-term maintenance programmes may require 1 session every 4 to 6 months.

Side Effects:

Minimal bruising to injection sites, little bumps (like tiny blebs) and some swelling, this can last up to 48h but is variable according to individual. I always recommend 24h-48h for any possible downtime.

My choice:  Teosyal Redensity I

Teresa Rocha

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Prescriber

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