Dr Maryam Zamani
1 Mar 2019

The Checklist of Anti-Ageing Treatments With Zero Downtime

Anti-Ageing Treatments – From dry January, to new resolutions to body cleansing diets, we all love to re-invent ourselves. Winter is extremely tough on our skin due to the harsh temperatures and dryness. Now that Spring is upon us, your skin may need to restore its moisture and glow. However, with our hectic lives, the idea of a skin health overhaul can seem a little overwhelming. If you are looking for something that is convenient, time efficient, has zero downtime and most importantly effective, take the advice of Dr Maryam Zamani, on this years top three specific skin treatments.

Superficial Skin Peel with Cryotherapy

The perfect Spring skin treatment – Superficial peels can enhance your regular skincare and encourage radiance, smoothness and more refined skin. They are used to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and pigmentation, as well as control oily skin and reduce breakouts. One of the benefits of a superficial peel is that they improve and treat a wide range of skin conditions without any downtime at all!

As Dr. Maryam Zamani explains “Not all skin peels are the same and the active ingredients in peels can be tailored to your skin type and your skins needs”

Superficial peels can be done in the comfort of your own home. The skin cells are removed from the topmost layer of the skin, whereas clinic-based peels are usually more intense as they remove skin cells from deeper layers of the skin resulting in longer lasting effects with possible downtime.

After the treatment, Dr. Maryam Zamani recommends using MZ Skin’s Hydrate and Nourish because it expertly combines Hyaluronic acid which increases skin’s water retention and SPF which protects the skin.

Cryotherapy is a procedure that uses extreme cold, liquid nitrogen to destroy tissue, lessen breakout activity and minimize pore sizes. The cryotherapy targets the face section by section in 30 second batches as a barrier cream is applied to soothe and protect the skin. Immediately, after treatment the skin appears visibly tighter, firmer, and radiant. The treatment is quick and relaxing with minimal downtime. Dr. Maryam Zamani recommends a course of treatments for optimal results.

Laser Genesis

It’s a non-invasive laser treatment that restores skin tone to treat fine lines and wrinkles, scars, large pores, and active acne. The heat-based laser stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to boost collagen growth to give your skin a more youthful tone and texture. Laser Genesis can be combined with other lasers, microneedling, and injectables to improve skin texture and tone to rejuvenate the face. In the case of epidermal melasma, laser light facilitates the breakup of the superficial pigmentation and thus improves melasma and other forms of hyperpigmention. Laser Genesis is quick and relaxing, with minimal downtime, and is also safe for all skin types. It is perfect for an instant lift just before a big event. Dr. Maryam Zamani states that results from a single treatment will show for around 10

days. A course of around 4 treatments, 3 weeks apart is advised for longer lasting looking results.

Clear Lift Laser

The Clear Lift laser works deep within the skin, stimulating collagen and regeneration of the skin cells creating a tighter, fresher appearance which makes use of your body’s own rejuvenation mechanisms. The beauty of this treatment is that it allows microscopic beams to penetrate deeply to stimulate the production of collagen without wounding the outer layer of the skin, and thereby making this procedure pain free without any downtime.

Results are almost instant with skin looking and feeling tighter, fresher, brighter and youthful. An extremely fast treatment can take anywhere from 30 minutes for the full face to 1 hour for the face and décolletage which is virtually painless with no need for pre-treatment. Dr. Zamani recommends 3-5 sessions 2-3 weeks apart.

Treatments to Consider:

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