1 Nov 2023

What is Vitamin B12 & why is it essential for us?

Vitamin B12 is a micronutrient called Cobalamin. It’s part of the essential vitamins for the body to remain healthy.

As the human body is unable to produce B12 we get it from food we eat: poultry, eggs, meat and milk. It is crucial for vegans to be supplemented with Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is vital in the structure of the DNA, essential for the development and function of the brain and nerve cells, as well as, indispensable to make red blood cells.

Low levels of B12 can lead to:

  • tiredness & fatigue
  • poor memory
  • low mood & depression
  • brain fog & reduced mental function

These vitamins can be given either orally, intravenous, or intramuscularly. But the bioavailability of the product is greater when given in the muscle or in the veins.


Maintaining the health of your nervous system and red blood cells. Consequently, you will feel more energetic, alert, fewer aches & pains, better mood.


Following a consultation we’d be able to customise a programme for these injections but commonly for general well-being we recommend these to be done every week and thereafter every month according to desired outcomes.


B12 injections should not be administered to children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. They are also contraindicated for people with vision problems, Leber’s disease, kidney failure, liver failure, folic acid deficiency or any type of systemic infection.

This medication is also not advised for people with an allergy to any of the components in the solution.

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