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MZ Skin, HYDRA-BRIGHT Golden Eye Treatment Mask, £65

MZ Skin as featured in the Hydra Bright Golden Eye treatment Eye Mask by @mzskinofficial reduces puffiness very effectively – I tried them this morning as my eyes were feeling tired and looking a little puffy – they work!  I concur with Dr Maryam Zamani, an Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic surgeon and leading aesthetic doctor  when she says that technology could be causing ‘squ-eyes’.  She says squinting to read the latest Buzzfeed articles, replying to a WhatsApp thread or scrolling through Pinterest can have a negative effect on the skin around the eyes.  This can cause ‘Squ-eyes’ – ‘square’ eyes that are red, tired and at risk of developing crows feet.  Often when using a computer, iPad or laptop, we tend not to blink as much. Visual discomfort is proportional to the amount of computer use. This eventually builds up and causes eye fatigue whereby the eyes can become dry, red or strained with itching or blurring. This is because we are blinking less and therefore, ‘allowing’ our eyes to become strained. 

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