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1 Jan 2022

Botox alternatives to target fine lines

Whilst some count injectable treatments such as Botox, as party of their beauty regime, others prefer less invasive …

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The Scottish Sun
6 Jun 2020

The Scottish Sun features Dr Maryam Zamani

Nowadays, beauty knows no boundaries. Here are my thoughts on the use of botox treatments post lockdown. Credits: …

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The Times features MZ Skin
27 May 2020

The Times features Dr Maryam Zamani

Read some of my experiences dealing with patients who used DIY fillers in The Times. Always speak to …

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evening standard features Dr MZ
11 Mar 2020


It’s very important to make informed decisions if you decide to go for a tweakment. Read Dr Maryam …

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US Weekly shares my thoughts on looking youthful
3 Mar 2020

Dr Maryam Zamani explains how Botox can help make you look younger in US Weekly

Dr Maryam Zamani shares how Botox can help you look younger, as featured in US Weekly. Botox works …

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1 May 2019

The Pre-Wedding ‘Tweakment’

Pre-Wedding Tweakment – For many brides-to-be, the perfect time for guilt free pampering is the lead up to …

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24 Apr 2019


The article “What Happens When All Your Friends Have Had Botox” is focused on the pressure of having …

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15 Mar 2019

Dr Maryam Zamani’s Tweakments in Healtista

Beauty Editor, Annabel Meggeson swears by Dr Maryam Zamani and her knowledge of tweakments and trusts her a …

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harpers press
15 Aug 2018

Dr Zamani recommended as top specialist in Harper’s Bazaar

Dr Zamani recommended as the top specialist for achieving natural results. Lisa Armstrong, the head of fashion at …

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Dr Zamani advises readers on effective Migraine treatments
9 Aug 2018

Dr Zamani advises readers on effective Migraine treatments

Dr Maryam Zamani advises readers on effective migraine treatments in this edition of the Daily Star. She explains …

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The unexpected properties of Botox
17 Jul 2018

The unexpected properties of Botox

In this article by Refinery29, the author talks of her personal journey dealing with hyperhidrosis; excess sweating caused …

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Ways to prevent migraines with OK! magazine and Maryam Zamani
5 Jul 2018

Ways to prevent migraines with OK! magazine and Maryam Zamani

Migraines remain a difficult issue to solve as  it comes in many shapes and forms and its causes …

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