Maryam Zamani M.D. | Cadogan Clinic London

Maryam Zamani M.D. | Cadogan Clinic London


Time: 60 mins- £420

A combination facial that ignites the body’s natural healing mechanism to target both anti-ageing and surface blemishes. A bespoke chemical skin peel works to improve skin tone and skin texture. This is followed by Micro-Needling to improve product penetration and stimulate collagen production.  Micro Needling can also help to improve the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores and fine lines. The facial is completed with a LED Light Treatment to help calm inflammation and further stimulate collagen production.

This treatment can be done monthly to help improve skin integrity and radiance.

What to Expect After the Treatment: Micro-needling can cause some redness which should disappear within 2-24 hours. Depending on the strength of the peel used, the skin may appear flaky on days 2-5 treatment.