Profhilo® Structura is a groundbreaking injectable treatment designed to lift, contour, and rejuvenate the facial profile by targeting superficial fat layers. The result is a more lifted, naturally contoured profile without add volume or looking done or puffy.


A Profhilo® Structura treatment consists of two sessions, administered one month apart.
Profhilo® Structura is injected into specific areas. There is minimal down-time with the treatment. As with all injections, there is a possibility of potential bruising and/or swelling.


Ageing manifests as a result of changes in the facial skeleton, ligaments, muscles, adipose tissue, and skin. Profhilo® Structura is uniquely formulated to work harmoniously with superficial fat tissue. Using patented NAHYCO® technology stabilises high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids. Once injected, Profhilo® Structura activates ageing adipose fat cell receptors, subtly and safely encouraging them to mimic the behaviour of their youth, creating more harmony and volume in the face.
Profhilo® Structura is clinically proven to restore superficial fat to tackle age-related concerns like facial hollowing, skin laxity, and the development of a squarer facial shape resulting from midface fat loss. 95% of patients noticed lasting enhancements in the mid-face area after the first treatment. This improvement was sustained three months later.

Profhilo® Structura is a natural and regenerative option for those desiring subtle enhancements without drastically altering their appearance. It can also restore lost facial fat due to rapid weight loss, including effects from using Ozempic


Profhilo® and Profhilo® Structura have different rheological properties and benefits.
Profhilo® is injected into the dermis where it is clinically proven to provide tissue restoration without volumisation. Profhilo® Structura is designed for deeper structural remodeling and is injected deeper. It is clinically proven to reposition and regenerate the dynamic superficial fat pads located beneath the skin and connective tissue, and above the muscle and deep fat layers.
Both treatments offer unique benefits tailored to different skin concerns and treatment areas.

Pain:Mild to moderate (topical numbing cream can be used before treatment)
Social Downtime:None
Results:seen in 2-3 weeks
Recommended Course:Two treatments one month apart
Treats:fat loss, hollowness, volume loss, skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles


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Courtesy of B. Molina (Photos taken before and 4 months after the first treatment)


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