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Maryam Zamani M.D. | Cadogan Clinic London



This non invasive, non ablative laser treatment uses a long pulse laser that can be used safely on most skin types to penetrate deep into the skin to selectively target deep lying veins and hair follicles. The Nd: YAG 1064 coagulates and shrinks large, deep, cosmetically unacceptable blood vessels and leg veins without the use of chemicals or needles. This type of laser is also very effective with hair and tattoo removal, treating thread and spider veins on the face and around the eye and with pigmentation problems (both superficial and deeper).


Each treatment usually lasts for 20 minutes, during which a mild discomfort may be experienced. Post-laser, skin may feel slightly sensitive for a few days and redness may occur over the treated site which should only last for a few hours. For reticular vessels, results can be seen within 24 hours. For pigmentation, lightening is best seen within 1-2 weeks. Skin will appear significantly rejuvenated. One to three treatments may be sufficient to achieve best results with a treatment programme every 4-6 weeks.


This surgery-free option is a great option for the treatment of facial and leg veins, tattoo removal and reducing the appearance of pigmented lesions. Many opt for laser treatment because it offers immediately noticeable results with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.

  • Wrinkles

  • Broken Veins & Capillaries

    Commonly found on the nose and cheeks thread veins, dilated capillaries, spider nevi and red veins form, and are unable to repair by themselves.

    What to expect: The type of laser used to treat and eradicate depends on the size and colour of the vessel. Red and blue colored vessels are easiest to eliminate within one to three sessions without the need for anesthesia. Side effects can include temporary bruising, swelling and redness.

    Also good for: Reticular vessels around the eyes and Cherry Angiomas. Larger broken veins on the legs are best treated with a combination of Sclerotherapy (an irritant liquid injected into the vessel to dissolve) lasers and light therapy.

    Alternative treatments: Light Therapy

  • Age Spots

  • Sun Damage

  • Capillary Hemangiomas

  • Cherry Red Spots

  • Tattoos

Recticular Vessels around on the eyelid


Recticular Vessels on the forehead