Dr Maryam Zamani
1 Dec 2018

Botox Uncensored

Botox is a protein produced by bacteria, which causes flaccid paralysis- the protein temporarily relaxes muscle contraction but over time due to cell renewal the protein degenerates and normal muscle function returns. It lasts about 3 to 4 months depending on the patient and the dose received -that is approximately how long it takes for the body to overcome the paralytic effect. It can be used on various muscles to treat various conditions like excess sweating, acne, teeth grinding, and most commonly premature wrinkle formation. It helps to relax facial muscles, smoothing out wrinkles and furrows in the skin.

To ensure that Botox results in beautiful natural looking results it is important to schedule a consultation with a reputable practitioner that is certified in plastic surgery and understands the anatomy of the face. During this time, it is best to discuss all your concerns and ask questions to understand what you want from your treatment and ensure that the right muscles are targeted e.g. if you just want to target anti-ageing it might be better to target muscles that are responsible for sagging rather than specific fine lines. Not a ‘one size fits all treatment’, Botox should be given according to your face and the movement of your face. This means that this treatment must tailor-made to your face and your concerns, so the dose you receive is adapted to your needs.

It is important to make sure that the cause of ageing is properly identified by your practitioner so that the right course of treatment can be followed. When given in the right dose and by a qualified practitioner, a more refreshed look with reduced signs of ageing is achieved rather than the dreaded ‘frozen look’. Quite essentially, Botox should relax the muscle rather than completely inhibit movement.

Botox prevents wrinkles from getting worse with continued regular treatments however if you decide to discontinue treatment, you will slowly lose the muscle relaxation effects from Botox and wrinkles will develop at the normal pace they did prior to treatments. There is no downtime for the treatment, although your practitioner will advise you on a waiting time depending on your treatment.

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