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1 Aug 2020

Non-Surgical Fat Fillers and Fat Grafting

Non-Surgical Fat Fillers – Traditional fat grafting or fat transfer is a minimally invasive treatment that helps tone, define, and add volume to areas where the shape has been lost. It is a popular approach to augmenting areas of the face/body naturally through one’s fat. The process of Fat Grafting includes the removal of fat from the body through liposuction and re-injecting the fat into places that require augmentation. In recent times, there has been an introduction of Uvence into the cosmetic industry. Whilst at a glance Uvence can seem similar to traditional Fat Grafting, the purpose of the treatment is very different.

What is Uvence and what are its benefits? 

Uvence (the UK’s first fully standardised natural procedure) uses one’s own live fat-cells. With Uvence, a fully personalised treatment using Super Enriched Tissue can be created with localised micro-liposuction, nano-fat transfer, and cryogenic storage. A patient’s natural fat (adipose) tissue is first extracted through non-invasive liposuction. This tissue is then purified and processed to create natural and personalised cosmetic injections using Super Enriched Tissue. Uvence injections can be used on patients’ face, neck, hands, and décolletage. These injections are stored cryogenically and can be in storage for up to 5 years. This means that the injections can be availed on-demand for any procedures of the patient’s choice and any re-injections on the face/body.
As the Uvence treatment uses patients’ own fat cells without the addition of any chemicals or other modifications, it is a great natural substitute treatment for any other synthetic fillers.

What is Super Enriched Tissue? 

This tissue is comprised of 10 types of living cells; Progenitor Cells, Fibroblasts, Mesenchymal cells, Lymphocytes, Pericytes, Vascular Endothelial Cells, Macrophages, and Hematopoietic stem cells. This tissue is processed into the form of an injectable fluid. Super Enriched Tissue can help regenerate and repair damaged tissue. Additionally, the stem cells present in the tissue stimulate collagen synthesis and elastin production, all of which help enhance tissue quality. The processed tissue can also help with mild volume enhancement and bio-remodeling.

Are there any risks/downsides to opting for Uvence? 

The side-effects of Uvence are similar to the side effects of any other injection treatments. Patients can expect potential bruising of the targeted area along with mild swelling, which could last up to a week. Downsides of the treatment would be the expenses and the length of the process. Whilst patients will be able to see immediate results, the best results are only seen with time (weeks or months according to the procedure). In order to qualify for Uvence, patients would need to have small amounts of fat that can be surgically removed and processed. Ultimately, Uvence is a long-term option for patients who would want to facilitate skin rejuvenation.

What is the difference between Uvence and traditional filler (Botox or Hyaluronic Acid)? 

The processed Super Enriched Tissue (processed fat) has a thinner consistency than Botox or other dermal fillers (such as hyaluronic acid injections). Additionally, unlike Botulinum toxin which works to paralyse muscles, Uvence does not affect muscle movement. Similar to traditional filler, Uvence can be volumising while also improving the skins texture and tone.

What is the difference between Uvence and traditional Fat Grafting? 

Traditional Fat Grafting is mostly used to add volume, whereas Uvence is used to regenerate, repair, and support the skin through the restorative properties of the injection treatments.

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