Chest Rehab

Designed to target signs of ageing and sun damage on the décolleté. Chest Rehab harnesses multiple modalities to improve skin tone, transform texture and significantly reduce pigmentation.

Changes that occur with age, in the décolleté, are complex, requiring a multifactorial, combination approach. Chest Rehab is a tri-phase treatment that synchronises filler, light therapy and fractional laser to target in-depth and improve skin contour, tone and elasticity.

PHASE 1: BroadBand Light & HALO Laser

BroadBand Light (BBL) is done over 3 treatments, 1 month apart, to improve pigmented and vascular damage from cumulative ultraviolet/sun exposure.
HALO is a hybrid fractional laser used that triggers the skin’s natural healing response to precisely improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scarring and sun damage.


Dilute calcium hydroxyapatite injections help improve skin quality and reduce wrinkles on the décolleté


Chest Rehab can be customized to apply the intensity of combined treatments that best addresses the patient’s specific issues. Anaesthetic cream is applied to the area before light and laser treatments.

BBL treatment feels like a rubber band flicking on the skin momentarily. HALO creates a prickly heat sensation on the chest that will be hot for a few hours after treatment. Redness and swelling after Halo will persist for approximately one to two weeks. Injections with Radiesse can cause minimal bruising.


Chest Rehab stimulates collagen and elastin production for several months achieving an overall improvement in the skin tone and texture with significant reduction of discoloration. Results are natural with very little downtime.

Pain:Mild to moderate (topical anaesthetic is applied 30 minutes prior to treatment)
Social Downtime:None but there will be persistent redness and erythema after HALO
Treats:Wrinkles, sun damage, enlarged pores, uneven texture, skin laxity, pigmentation and crepey skin.

CHEST REHAB, from £5000

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